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OLED : Organic Electro Luminescence

OLED Lighting: Light without bulbs, A layer of Light – flat, curved, light vessels

Saving energy, reducing CO2

In the future, Konica Minolta will change the conventional wisdom regarding lighting.OLED devices, which emit light from a surface, are completely new lights which are neither incandescent light bulbs nor fluorescent lamps. OLED devices are thin and lightweight, with the flexibility to be formed into different shapes. Even more, they place little load on the environment.If OLED can be put to practical use, there will surely be a major change in the way that people live.What kind of bright future awaits us? A presentation from Konica Minolta.

Look for: Artists Imagine a future with OLED lighting

An environmentally sound light that unites man and nature in a harmonious whole.eco_img002

Introduction to OLED technology

index_img002 Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting is not dependent on a particular lighting device. Rather, it is the first type of illumination to emit light using itself as the surface. Thus, with OLED lighting we finally have a method of illumination that is suited to shining a uniform light over a large area

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